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the henry ford the model t and the automobile 1914

Henry Ford was the American industrialist, the owner of a factory on manufacture of automobiles. His slogan was « the automobile for everybody » - factory of Ford out the cheapest automobiles in the beginning of epoch of motor industry. Ford Motor Company exists and to this day. He was born July, 30 1863 and died April, 7 1947.
Henry Ford was very strong person with deep philosophical belief. He was ready to turn all world and to force all to worship himself.
Henry Ford, 1963 cast after 1937 original, by Hans Wollner, Bronze.
Photo (c) by cliff1066 from Flickr
Ford's the approach criticized for "depersonalization"; in the parody form he is described in Aldous Huxley's novel "Brave New World" about marvellous the new world. where the society is organized by conveyor principle of Ford .People share on five categories: the alpha, beta, scale, delta and epsilon - the letters of the Greek alphabet and conducts chronology from the date of his birth. Instead of expression to "it - Ford's" "really" is accepted. It is accepted to be christened by the letter "T" in honour of the automobile of model "T".
the Biography of Henry Ford is described in stories by Upton Beall Sinclair, Jr. « Automobile king ».
Henry Ford was known also for that for the first time began to use the industrial conveyor. Contrary to a popular belief, the conveyor introduced and before, however Henry Ford has created first commercially successful line. Book of Ford « my life, my achievements » is classical work on the scientific organization of work
His book « my life, my achievements » is a catechism mechanics - romanticism. His ideas and methods of the organization the manufactures described in the given book, are introduced into activity of thousand enterprises. Sustained about 100 editions in tens countries of the world the autobiographical book of "father" of motor industry of USA is written brightly, figuratively, vigorously and inspiredly. It contains the richest material, in many respects representing historical interest, but in a lot of relations keeping a urgency for economists, engineers, designers, psychologists, sociologists, heads and organizers of manufacture.
After introduction of conveyor manufacture of Henry Ford has found possible to introduce at the enterprise six-day working week, that is became the person which "has thought up" day off.
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