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how to see human aura colors and what they mean aura colors test

The science repeatedly brought up question on existence round human body of certain invisible cover which special devices can feel.
Аura colors test by NASA.
NASA with healers have developed the device for definition of spiritual condition of cosmonauts, for supervision over their spiritual health.
Actually, as developers declare, the device allows to photograph aura of the person. The device reads out the information from fingers of the person, is processed by the computer and gives out photo. It is enough to put hand on the special device, to wait some minutes, and the picture is ready.
picture by CdePaz (c) flickr

Ready photo represents the schematic image of body, round which aura colors, cover of certain colour or consisting of several colours. It also is aura portrait.
It is interesting that experimenters tried to deceive this device and put on sensor control two fingers of man's hand and three female. And so as a result sign yin-yang on the schedule it have completely run up, has turned out that the device could define both female and man's hand.
On colours of aura experts define Level of spiritual development of the person, its state of mind at the moment, its psychological abilities and talents. Ideal colour of aura white. It means that all colours are in harmony and the person has very high spiritual status. In practice of the research centre there were some such cases, one of them was the teacher at spiritual school. But such people of unit. Brightly dark blue stain, very rare colour of aura, such people indigo, as it is known, possess. But in the centre where work with aura photo, tell that they had to meet such people. As a rule, the aura brightly dark blue at the majority of children till three years, and then it starts to vary, there are impregnations of other colours, all occurs under the influence of external factors stresses, parental lectures, the expert Irina Gres explains. For example, red colour of aura speaks about strong will of the person, its positive perception of the world. More often to it any other colour and then already it turns out is added that such person can bear aggression. Was at us and absolutely unique case when the girl has come to do aura photo, and at it that it has not appeared. Simply empty place. I have thought that the device has broken. But, it has appeared, phenomenal case. Or the girl needed to live no more than three days or it has special protection at which no devices will see aura. Let's remind the historical background of photographing of aura. The technology displaying aura has begun the history at the beginning of the century when Nikola Tesla in 1891 has embodied for the first time aura of all body in photo. However the most known images belong to Semyon Davidovich Kirlian. Serving high-voltage equipment, he has casually seen aura round the hand. The effect of Kirliana is understood as visual supervision or registration on photographic material of luminescence of the gas category arising near to surface of object at its premise in electric field of high tension.

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what baby talk means parentese speech patterns parents

Scientists have learnt, in what language baby talk
the mothers language of infants and young children
child's babblement

"blue eyes true eyes" picture by "T"eresa (c) flickr

According to scientists, babies from first days of life speak in language of the parents.
During research which was spent by German scientists, it was found out that the voice of newborns bears in itself those sound shades which are characteristic for language on which their parents speak. Experts have studied shouts of the babies which one half was born in the French families, and the second in the German. Newborns from French-speaking families basically published the sounds which tone varied from the beginning by the end. And German babies reduced sound tonality only in the end of its pronunciation.
According to linguists, such change of tonality in pronunciation is characteristic for these languages.