Saturday, June 5, 2010

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In China have invented a youth elixir or life-saving elixir.
The national news agency of China has published the message in which it is told about the invention соковым by concern of the special drink recycling cages of a brain and preventing ageing of a skin.

photo (c) by mrjorgen fom flickr
From the message follows that the drink structure includes 60 versions of the microcells received from more than 30 kinds of various plants.

"Besides curative properties, it promotes improvement of memory and powers of thinking thanks to that increases growth of cages of a brain", - is told in the message.

Besides, it "protects a skin from wrinkles and stains and prevents such senile diseases as hemorrhages in a brain, the myocardium and a brain heart attack – and also does a skin of more light".
Youth elixir — often used in mythology and a fantasy concept. Is the notorious means relieving the person from all negative consequences of ageing and other age changes, connected with degradation of the majority of systems of the person (nervous, immune and sexual).

Is related to an immortality elixir. An immortality elixir — the fantastic substance possessing property to rejuvenate a human body and to prolong his life indefinitely. The immortality elixir is mentioned in legends and legends of many people as original "food" of gods. Gods of the Ancient Greece tasted an ambrosia, gods of Ancient India - amrita, the Iranian gods , gods of Ancient Egypt drank immortality water.
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