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God and Scientists Why Homo Sapience belief in God and in Christ

belief in God it's personal
The original sensation in world scientific and intellectual circles was called by opening of scientists from the British Bristol university when they have established that the modern person is born with belief in God. On their jobs informs the London weekly journal.
"We have established that the course of thinking of the child switches on intuitive belief in supernatural", - the head of researches professor Bruce Hud has declared.
Within centuries the largest world theologians and philosophers tried to prove or deny existence Supreme. However the ordinary logic has appeared powerless to answer this point in question which has been declared by modern science by irrational.
Nevertheless, the newest researches of scientific personnel from Bristol have shown that without belief in God Homo Sapience, modern society wouldn't can to be born.
According to experts, on childhood of the world those groups of people which believed in Supreme, in justice and orderliness of world order, created stronger social communications and by that raised degree of the survival rate. They have laid the foundation for modern civilisation and have given to it Development impulse
. Accordingly tribes and the groups of people deprived of concept and belief in God, broke up and disappeared, without having left after itself traces.
Environmentalism Is the New Religion - Ian Plimer
Australian geologist Ian Plimer argues that, for many agnostics and atheists, the cause of environmentalism has replaced organized religion as a matter of personal faith.

belief in god it's personal
Sometimes, we block the pathway to faith in Christ with all types of questions and doubts.

Weak and strong atheism - The Atheist Experience
Jason in Tampa, Florida wants to know more about weak and strong atheism, and asks the hosts how they would describe their own atheism.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

tsunami hitting hawaii 2010 tsunami warning hawaii map hawaii tsunami evacuation zones

California tsunami warning 2010 tsunami warning hawaii
live tsunami coverage
hawaii tsunami evacuation zones

Tsunami is gonna hit Hawaii
A Tsunami is gonna hit Hawaii in just a few hours
Follow it live at CNN

Rules of behaviour during tsunami. Councils of the expert
Tourists can avoid tsunami consequences at observance of simple measures of care. Such opinion was stated in interview to the Greek state TV by the expert in earthquakes, the director of the Athenian institute of geodynamics of Gerasimos Papadopulos.

“First of all, if you are in coastal zone and have felt tremor, it is necessary as soon as possible, within 15-20 minutes to leave from coast. Some hours” are desirable to remain on considerable distance from the sea, – the expert advises.

“If you haven't felt tremor, it is possible to guess approach of high tidal wave on time decrease in water level – the sea as though recedes back that then with force to fall upon coast”, – Papadopulos has told.

“While the tsunami is far, it doesn't look awful. Close, on the contrary, shocks in the sizes. While wave far, it is not necessary to lose time and to remove it on the chamber. When the tsunami has come nearer, it is not necessary to panic, and to try to escape as soon as possible deep into coast”, – the expert advises.

In its opinion, observance of these safety measures doesn't guarantee absence of victims. However many of victims had time to avoid tsunami and haven't made it because haven't understood the sizes of danger. Otherwise victims would be much less, the expert believes.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

generation zero documentary movie generation zero steve bannon

the movie generation zero Steve Bannon
Generation zero the inconceivable truth
Blame the Baby Boomers for the Financial Mess
David Bossie and Stephen Bannon on their film Generation Zero and why the 60s generation was the cause of the financial meltdown.

2/23/10 Hannity Special "Generation Zero"
Hannity Special "Generation Zero", how 40 years of liberal policies have led to financial collapse.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

bloombox bloom energy fuel cell 60 minutes interview bloombox energy stock symbol

Bloom energy fuel cell 60 minutes video interview
"energy machine." 60 Minutes, Sunday, Feb. 21, 7 p.m. ET/PT.
In the world of energy, the Holy Grail is a power source that's inexpensive and clean. Lesley Stahl gets an inside look at one inventor's bloom energy stock symbol

Boom box energy - developing okisnye regenerative solid fuel elements (SORFC)- new renewable electricity produced from hydrogen and oxygen in the ambient air.
What's the stock symbol and price bloombox and bloom energy stock symbol ?
Address of Bloom Energy :
1252 Orleans Drive Sunnyvale,
California 94089-1137 United States
Category of Green Energy & Utilities
Industry Renewables and Hydrogen - Fuel Cell

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy funny St Valentines day and Happy New year of tiger

Happy St Valentine's day and Happy New year of tiger!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

louisa ball real life sleeping beauty syndrome kleine levin syndrome

sleeping beauty disorder or real life sleeping beauty disease kleine levin syndrome
Syndrome Klein Levin — rare neurologic frustration for which periodic episodes of excessive drowsiness and behaviour infringements are characteristic. Patients sleep the most part of days till 18 o'clock, waking up to eat and descend only in toilet; become irritable or aggressive if it not to allow to sleep. At patients confusion of consciousness, disorientation, breakdown, apathy is observed. Patients are incapable to attend school or job, to care of themselves, beds are confined to. Are characteristic cognitive infringements, the amnesia on events, hallucinations, as somnolescent condition is possible. The majority of patients complain that all around seems not in focus, are sensitive to noise and light.
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In most cases (75 %) out of dream at patients develop compulsive gluttony without feeling of saturation. At men probably hypersexual behaviour, women are inclined to depressive displays.
Louisa Ball sleeping beauty syndrome
Real-Life Sleeping Beauty Tells Tale sleeping beauty disorder
Rare disorder causes teen girl to sleep for days

Klein Levin syndrome arises at the age of 13-19 years, more often at men. Episodes come each 3-6 months and usually 2-3 days last, is maximum till 6 weeks. In intervals between episodes patients look quite healthy and don't show any complaints. The reason of syndrome of Klein Levin is unknown.

Somnophilia, or sleeping princess syndrome or real life sleeping beauty syndrome , is paraphilia in which orgasm and sexual arousal are stimulated by intruding and awakening sleeping man with erotic caresses, but not with violence and force.
The eye-rolling before rinks to faint, also can call excitation. Somnophilia can also concern sex with the partner, to sleep or rub about bodies about genitals or hands. There is not literal term for mutual paraphilic condition of life of the addressee which arises in imagination, than in reality more often.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Many-world interpretation result of Big Bang theory cosmological model

Scientists have named number of the parallel worlds.
Physicists have found out, how much parallel realities have appeared as a result of Big Bang.
picture (c) from flickr was uploaded on March 23, 2007 by Vidiot

Scientists have named number of the parallel worlds. Physicists from Stanford University have informed that they could define number of the parallel Universes. The new theory is based that after Big Bang there was large quantity of the various measurements existing in parallel each other, and their number gives in to calculation by means of the inflation analysis - process of sharp expansion of space.

"We believe that the number of the Universes makes 10 in degree 1010000000, - authors of scientific job, Andrei Linde and Vitaly Vanchurin, on pages of scientific magazine Cosmology and Extragalactic Astrophysics have told. - Moreover, the total of the data put in these worlds exceeds quantity of conditions of human brain, as information system".

About that occurs in the parallel Universes and than they differ from our reality, scientific hold back - probably, the modern science yet in condition to touch life of other worlds.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

are we aliens? panspermy Chandra Wickramasinghe creatures from outer space

The British scientists: all people descendants of aliens.
All living on planet the Earth are descendants of aliens. The leading British scientist asserts that the mankind in its modern kind is the successor of representatives various creatures from outer space races – "foreigners of space".
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Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe by results of the research has made this "revolutionary" conclusion the report about which is resulted in the material of British edition The Telegraph of University of Cardiff.

Astobiolog Chandra Wickramasinghe considers that the life on the earth was brought by comet which "has visited" before on the Moon. He asserts that the microbes which have got from remote space depths on surface of the Earth, have formed basis for the latest development of specific variety.

The theory of the professor from Cardiff on which life as that is passed from planet to planet throughout many billions years, is published on pages of the International astrobiological magazine of the Cambridge university.

"All of us descendants of aliens. Different. Nobody knows as grains of sand and atoms travel on the Universe and as they get on this or that planet allowing lives to arise", - considers Chandra Wickramasinghe.

Thus the professor underlines that its theory at all doesn't explain the general origin of life in the Universe. Chandra Wickramasinghe has underlined that it also supports the theory "panspermy" the known astrobiologist of sir Freda Hojla.
(The hypothesis about extraterrestrial origin of life (entering of microorganisms with meteorites and space dust), is formulated by Svante August Arrhenius in 1895.)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

james arthur ray sweat lodge deaths

James Ray Sweat Lodge Secrets
Ray James arrested On February 3, 2010, in connection with deaths of sweat lodge ceremonies.
Sweat lodge survivor describes horror

3 people die in James Ray's Sweat Lodge at Angel Valley Retreat Center

Vision versus Sight with James Arthur Ray

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did the groundhog see his shadow 2010
Happy Groundhog s Day!
2010 Early Spring Roxboro Naba Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
2010 Early Spring Jimmy the Groundhog Sun Prairie, Wisconsin
2010 Early Spring General Beauregard Lee Snellville, Georgia
2010 6 More Weeks of Winter Malverne Mel Malverne, New York
2010 Early Spring Staten Island Chuck Staten Island (New York City)
2010 Early Spring Woodstock Willie Woodstock, Illinois
2010 6 more weeks of winter Wiarton Willie Wiarton, Ontario
2010 6 more weeks of winter Punxsutawney Phil Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania
2010 6 more weeks of winter Spanish Joe Spanish, Ontario
2010 Early spring Dunkirk Dave Dunkirk, New York
2010 Early Spring Buckeye Chuck Marion, Ohio
2010 Early Spring Balzac Billy Balzac, Alberta
2010 6 more weeks of winter Shubenacadie Sam Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia
2010 Early Spring French Creek Freddie French Creek, West Virginia
punxsutawney phil 2010 video
Six More Weeks? Phil Makes His Pick