Thursday, March 5, 2009

aware awareness during resuscitation clinical death cardiac arrest

Near-death experiences.
According to initiators of project AWARE, possibility to receive a trustworthy information about displays of a phenomenon of death from the persons who have visited a condition of clinical death, but subsequently restored to life, gives unique possibility to investigate a stage of this process at least, initial and their displays. According to the researches spent earlier, from 15 % transferred clinical death testify to continuation of accurate thinking during this period, and also about the phenomena basically incompatible with current scientific representations about a life. In particular, are proven facts phenomena scan pictures of the previous life, sensation of this world, tranquility, possibility of registration of events in the real world and even visual supervision over them from outside. The current European science believes death the moment of the termination of a life. In overwhelming majority of traditional cultures the death is considered as process qualitative and multistep metamorphoses.
The research group of scientists of the North America and Europe starts realisation of scale project AWARE AWAREness during resuscitation it is researches of a phenomenon or the phenomena connected with cardiac arrest or synchronous by it.
Consciousness Project.
Unlike of representations, the death is not instant event, doctor Sam Parnia from the British University of Southampton explains . Is The process beginning with the termination of palpitation, respiratory function of lungs and the termination of functioning of a brain. All these factors it is treated by physicians as cardiac arrest, from the biological point of view, is a synonym of clinical death.

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