Tuesday, December 1, 2009

what baby talk means parentese speech patterns parents

Scientists have learnt, in what language baby talk
the mothers language of infants and young children
child's babblement

"blue eyes true eyes" picture by "T"eresa (c) flickr

According to scientists, babies from first days of life speak in language of the parents.
During research which was spent by German scientists, it was found out that the voice of newborns bears in itself those sound shades which are characteristic for language on which their parents speak. Experts have studied shouts of the babies which one half was born in the French families, and the second in the German. Newborns from French-speaking families basically published the sounds which tone varied from the beginning by the end. And German babies reduced sound tonality only in the end of its pronunciation.
According to linguists, such change of tonality in pronunciation is characteristic for these languages.