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louisa ball real life sleeping beauty syndrome kleine levin syndrome

sleeping beauty disorder or real life sleeping beauty disease kleine levin syndrome
Syndrome Klein Levin — rare neurologic frustration for which periodic episodes of excessive drowsiness and behaviour infringements are characteristic. Patients sleep the most part of days till 18 o'clock, waking up to eat and descend only in toilet; become irritable or aggressive if it not to allow to sleep. At patients confusion of consciousness, disorientation, breakdown, apathy is observed. Patients are incapable to attend school or job, to care of themselves, beds are confined to. Are characteristic cognitive infringements, the amnesia on events, hallucinations, as somnolescent condition is possible. The majority of patients complain that all around seems not in focus, are sensitive to noise and light.
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In most cases (75 %) out of dream at patients develop compulsive gluttony without feeling of saturation. At men probably hypersexual behaviour, women are inclined to depressive displays.
Louisa Ball sleeping beauty syndrome
Real-Life Sleeping Beauty Tells Tale sleeping beauty disorder
Rare disorder causes teen girl to sleep for days

Klein Levin syndrome arises at the age of 13-19 years, more often at men. Episodes come each 3-6 months and usually 2-3 days last, is maximum till 6 weeks. In intervals between episodes patients look quite healthy and don't show any complaints. The reason of syndrome of Klein Levin is unknown.

Somnophilia, or sleeping princess syndrome or real life sleeping beauty syndrome , is paraphilia in which orgasm and sexual arousal are stimulated by intruding and awakening sleeping man with erotic caresses, but not with violence and force.
The eye-rolling before rinks to faint, also can call excitation. Somnophilia can also concern sex with the partner, to sleep or rub about bodies about genitals or hands. There is not literal term for mutual paraphilic condition of life of the addressee which arises in imagination, than in reality more often.