Sunday, March 23, 2008

Working Mind and memory training

How correctly to training memory?

Many people consider, that memory of them is insufficiently good, but in most cases they are mistaken. Good memory all have practically - other business that memory selectively works, selecting only the most interesting. Because still the ancient philosopher has fairly noticed: " the one who is capable to concentrate and give time to impressions which it believes precious has Good memory to take root in soul ". As well as the physical fortress, memory from birth is given to each of us, but is exact as well as muscles, memory is necessary for training constantly. Certainly, ways exists much. And the most surprising, that from them owns half each of us, that not suspecting. The human brain is so well adapted to constant development, that we very much frequently, that not noticing, seize all new technologies of storing.
The capacity of our memory is not limited, is simple we not always correctly we are able to take advantage to it. Mechanical learning by heart - unreasoned development of a material which is poorly fixed on a surface of memory. How to subordinate to itself memory? Experience shows, that strengthening of memory is possible to reach(achieve), first of all, complex influence of three components. So, the most important components of success are concentration of attention (as increase of ability to perception), creation of associations and numerous recurrences. For achievement of good result pay attention and to an eutrophy. As in an organism human, as is known, all is connected. We eat correctly, we receive necessary substances for stimulation of work of a brain - and a pledge of success. Include in the diet or increase norm of vitamins of groups B, C, F for what indulge itself плиткой black chocolate more often, fruit and it is especial seafoods. Fruit, chocolate, seafoods - you can be envied only! So from this also the considerable advantage is taken. And about a substitute of sugar to overlook better. Anything, except for harm, its use can not bring. Too concerns also diets. Women, frequently hold to diets, differ bad memory. So, that the brain does not receive necessary substances and consequently, that at the majority of ladies which sit on diets, mood always not so good. Just not less important component of success is correct psychoemotional a condition of the person. Here again advice too will be pleasant, not aggravating life. Try early to go to bed, do not abuse caffeine and more often indulge itself pleasant gifts. For happiness the special hormone - dopamine answers. Dopamine is fiber, it is developed special glands a brain. Such molecules are capable to support proof sensation of happiness in emotional sphere of the owner. And, as have found out scientists, a plenty of happiness results and in improvement of memory and ability to deeper recognition of the acting information. Therefore indulge itself new shoes and a dress more often - your memory will tell only thank!

Concentration of attention is always caused by three factors:
1) a degree of interest and ability to concentration; 2) collateral reasons; 3) ability to be disconnected from occuring events. For improvement of concentration of attention practise deep breath. Make a deep breath and detain air for five seconds, at this time, having combined palms and compressing them. Then slowly exhale through a mouth and weaken hands. Do this exercise five times, and you at once will feel, that have relaxed. To raise ability concentrate attention regular physical exercises as physical loading increases receipt of oxygen in a brain also can. Especially effective ordinary walking about 15-30 minutes per day is considered. But in any case, only that is really interesting, is remembered easily. At insufficient interest more efforts are applied to concentrate. At different people different kinds of memory are well advanced also; Emphasize what own better the others. Visual - read more, then the necessary page necessarily will emerge before eyes. Motor - copy a material from one page on another. Acoustical - read aloud to itself, ask to esteem associates. In default read to associates. First of all decide, you concern to what type; persistently and not regretting time consider and consider that want to learn. At " bad memory " frequently only one reason: superficial, negligent acquaintance to a material for learning. As required it is better to learn less, but this small to learn thoroughly. Having established a course of the ideas, remember it is associative key words and key offers with the help of figurative communications: connect, for example, each key word to any bright sign of a piece of a way (hotel, mail, station, the bridge, school, a monument etc.). It is the elementary form of " the bridge of memory ".
Always crucial importance has connection of a learnt material to already deeply fixed in memories. Memory operates in the best way if the new facts manage to be connected to personal feelings, i.e. somehow to promote development of sensation. Hardly something is forgotten entirely! " Traces " remain from all learnt. Recurrence is necessary as the means providing storing, but it should not be applied mechanically. Three practical advice are here again necessary. 1) Reading aloud promotes the best mastering of a material (as connects sight and hearing). For recurrence take as required only small part of a material, but such which to you need to be remembered thoroughly. 2) At recurrence do breaks (creative pauses). Is much more effective to learn a material within two days on one hour per day, than within two hours per one day because during a break between occupations subconsciousness continues fastening a material in memory. The experimental psychology has shown, that the part of a learnt material is forgotten very quickly, but then forgetting goes more slowly. Therefore a conclusion: recurrence begin earlier, than the stage slow forgetting will begin. 3) Alongside with simple recurrence recurrence combined is important. Set of details is badly remembered, ranks which are united by new and new communications are much better remembered. We connect various subject domains among themselves everywhere where they adjoin. Anyhow, but memory it is possible and it is necessary to train. To someone always it is given more, and someone has less, but, identify the technique most suitable to (in view of features to perception), everyone can reach good results. Try to carry out simple exercises for training the memory.

Exercise the first. Associations.

Let somebody slowly will read to you aloud underwritten pairs words. Closely listen and try to remember then ask to read to you only the first words from pairs, and the second write down on memory. 1. hen - - to cut an egg, scissors, the horse - hay, the book - to learn, the butterfly - the fly, a brush - a teeth, a drum - the pioneer, snow - winter, the cock - to shout, ink - a writing-book, the cow - milk, a steam locomotive - to go, a pear - compote, a lamp - evening. 2. bug - an armchair, a feather - water, glasses - a mistake, a handbell - memory, the pigeon - father, a watering can - a tram, a comb - a wind, boots - the boiler, the lock - mother, a match - sheep, a grater - the sea, a sled - a factory, a fish - a fire, an axe - kissel. Exercise the second. Development and strengthening of visual imagination Close eyes and present appropriate a picture which names for you will make aloud. Examples of actions can be the most simple: 1. A lion attacking an antelope 2. The dog wagging a tail 3. Almond cookies in a box 4. A lightning in darkness 5. A stain on your favourite clothes 6. A brilliant sparkling on the sun 7. Shout of horror in night And now recollect and write down names visualize pictures. If recollect more than 6 images, exercise is executed successfully. Exercise the fourth. Training of memory of recognition of the information on hearing. Ask to read to you aloud ten any words. For example: morning, silver, the child, the river, the north, upwards, cabbage, a glass, school, a boot. It is necessary to reproduce words in that order in which they were read. Exercise the fifth. For the help in a life Before going to shop behind products - write down them on a leaflet. Some times read (aloud or about itself) and go in shop, having left the necessary list of products of a house. So day-to-day, usual campaigns on shops will help you to train the memory, practically not putting efforts.