Monday, June 16, 2008

How to make your dream really? Vadim Zealand transurfing

Vadim Zeeland Reality transferring Little is known about Vadim Zeeland. He stated in his autobiography that he used to be a quantum mechanics physicist and later computer technologist. According to his own words he prefers not to become personally known celebrity.
Vadim Zeeland is a contemporary Russian mystic and author. He developed a theory and method of reality management called reality transferring. The theory is based on the concept of multiverse and on four dimensionalism. It also has some tenets in common with teachings of Buddhist teacher Tarthang Tulku. The practice contains a variant of lucid living and other methods. Some of them seem to be very similar to that of the Dzogchen teachings. Six books in Russian are published on the theory and practice.It agrees transurfing, the world represents a dual mirror, on which one side - habitual to us a reality, and on another - boundless space of variants. The space of variants is a certain information field which keeps all scripts of that was, is and will be. Theoretically, you can embody any script in a reality.
The person bewiched by a mirror, believes, that reflection in it is and there is a present reality. It looks in reflection, and life of it goes on current: any surprises from the life, any amazing concurrences and desperate rises. If to the fan of illusions something in reflection suited not taste, it very much tries to change a mirror. To what to spend forces? One more rule transurfing: that reflection has changed, it is necessary to change an image. Do not ask, do not achieve, and create.
Slides bring distortion in a reality. A popular example - " pink glasses " through which the validity sees in luscious - easygoing light. Perhaps the slide of " feeling of inferiority " is familiar to you, through which world sees angular and prickly, and associates, it seems, constantly chuckle at your lacks. Transurfing offers to replace negative slides positive.
The positive slide is an imagined picture of already achieved purpose. The slide is necessary for scrolling in consciousness regularly and with pleasure then the script chosen you will start to be realized, and in subconsciousness the tested emotions will precisely be printed. Through a slide of these emotions you henceforth also will look at the world. Be not too lazy to give a slide even twenty minutes in day, and your efforts, together with intention to operate and receive desirable, will create the present miracle.
Is in transurfing one more version of a slide. With its help you can equip an own slice of a dual mirror cosy. Vadim Zeland offers installation " my world cares of me ". There is enough within day at each opportunity to remind itself that your world cares of you, and soon the dual mirror will reflect the new validity. Than transurfing the statement differs from affirmation? You do not impose to own subconsciousness installation like " I achieve success " (though also it can appear reasonably useful), you give new quality to the world. Agree, it is always pleasant to shift a part of cares on shoulders of the omnipotent world.
You can receive everything, everything. When you have believed in the validity of this thesis and have resolutely gone to a way. You regularly scroll the slide, allow to care to the world of you and move to the purpose. How to behave this way?
First, be weakened and take pleasure. Quietly accept all displays of life, and do not deform reflection of the dual mirror of any sort by negative bursts. Do not give to anything including your purpose, too big value, do not experience and don't hurry. Vanity can spoil even the most ingenious dream, this same, that impatient hands to break off the not revealed bud.
Second, dare to be itself, and another - to be others. Let to go events by the turn. You create a new reality and who knows because of whom a corner it at last will appear? Do not criticize anybody and anything, take it easy and freely let the world to move in space of variants.
Thirdly, cease to react primitively, as an oyster. Rise little bit above on an evolutionary ladder. There was a unpleasant event? Instead of slamming shutters of a bowl, quietly and confidently tell: I "Allow". I allow also all here, without explanations and the reasons. Let things slide with reflection, I allow it to be such what is, and itself on the sly I form new. If to go on a way of "permission", you by all means will leave on the equal, covered, asphalted road - straight to your purpose.
The fourth .Trust in the world. What you will think, if get over the way is already rather impressive, and desirable both was not, and is not present? Most likely, decide, that all do incorrectly and all bad. As a rule, such ideas creep in shortly before finish but all of them and spoil. The mirror henceforth reflects your belief, that all goes not so, and you actually leave aside. Imagine the following conversation of reason with the world:
" - Listen, and whether there we go? Something of a toy shop to not see a lot.

" - Listen, and whether there we go? Something of a toy shop to not see a lot.
- Do not worry, my good, already soon.
- And when? Yes is not present, in my opinion, we have come in any gates.
- You so think?
- Well, precisely, we have lost the way!
- As you will tell, the smart guy, you know, I always agree ".
V.Zeeland " Apples fall in the sky "
Realize, that the choice made by you is the immutable law for the universe. The only thing, that from you is required - fixing on a ultimate goal. Do not think about means of achievement desirable, do not worry about money, the age and other nothing determinatives. Simply hold in consciousness the purpose, and go that track of the world, which to you will find under your legs.
We and truly are able to grant the desires, and magic wands here there is nothing. Only disappointed in everyone sorts mystic doctrines always will be more, than happy wizards. Any practice will not work if long to analyze its each thesis and to get down to business with severe gravity. Create the reality easily and in good mood.
Any practice will not work if to be lazy: to lay and only to dream. Transurfing does not promise miracles, and the world of anything do not owe you. Miracles create yours concentration, a sequence and determination... And still - desire to change (lazy, got used to go down stream and be content with average results) and the life (boring, ordinary, unfriendly). Your world has put by the whole lots of surprises and tasty sweets in pockets. It is high time to make friends with it and to go to the long-awaited purpose.