Monday, June 16, 2008

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Transurfing of reality
Vadim Zeeland is rather the mysterious personality, and a little who knows something about him, a little who saw his photos. That he writes about himself:
« To me for forty. Before disintegration of the Union was engaged in researches in the field of quantum physics, then — computer technologies, now — books. I live in Russia. On a nationality — Russian or if is more exact, on a quarter the Estonian.
The rest has no any value, however, as well as all this. Concerning own successes I only can ascertain, that transferring operates faultlessly. But to advertise the private life I do not gather, as after that it will cease to be personal.
Wide popularity turns around against you if you give in to a temptation and get on a pedestal for a general review. At some peoples, for example, at the American Indians, exists поверье, that if someone has copied your portrait (has photographed), it has stolen a part of your soul. Certainly, it only superstition, but it was born not on an empty place. A product of personal creativity to distribute it is possible; to let out in circulation the person — never »
I do not know, how you, and I from the childhood dreamed of one - to operate even that slice of the world which is before eyes. From here love to fairy tales, magic wands from a neighbour's cherry and hundreds signs. It is necessary to think of desire and to pass blindly through any bridge, and it by all means will come true. Came true, to a word, it is far from being everything, but thirst to operate a reality has remained. It is constant and unsatiable, till now. Only now instead of a cherry magic wand - than practice is more serious. One of the most effective - Transferring Vadim Zeelanda.
We do not know, how all is arranged and for what is necessary to pull, that the world has changed. Someone searches for the answer in religion, someone in alternative mystic doctrines and only some understand, that all this - the same revelation told by different words. Any miracles, all answers are kept carefully with our subconsciousness and sometimes it gives us gifts - to the instruction on an embodiment of desires in life and other bases of magic. Someone will make of the idea which have visited it secret knowledge, someone religion, someone the next doctrine, and someone simply will start to put into practice it. Perhaps, therefore all below-mentioned will seem you vaguely familiar. And someone will tell, that always so veins, but did not know, that it - transferring.Search for transurfing of reality
Global universal laws are uniform for everything, and it is not important, which way you are going to follow them. Transferring - one such way. This doctrine without authorship and doctrines, without dedication and the rules. Vadim Zeeland does not attribute to itself authorship, he only tells that once has told him own subconsciousness. He - only a conductor, not clarified, not the Teacher. Probably, and it is necessary to share knowledge - as an ordinary miracle which each of us is capable to make. Because it is valid - it is capable.
What is role of intention in our life?
Perhaps, unique freedom which the person - freedom of a choice has. This thesis underlies transferring and thousand others mystic doctrines. Nobody forbids to you to choose that world in which it would be desirable to live, nobody forbids to choose any destiny.
Is, in the essence, two ways to receive desirable - to struggle very much and simply to choose. The first way good, is fascinating game, from which in delight millions people. The second way is combined by the simplicity: it means, that you can choose desirable destiny but to choose it is necessary resolutely, not in half-forces, with hundred-per-cent readiness really to receive desirable.
If struggle not for you and to receive desirable all the same it would be desirable, it is necessary for you to cease to dream. No to dream, certainly, it is possible, but only at a stage of definition of the purpose. As soon as the purposes are determined, action is entered with other law: dreams do not come true, come true intentions. What is the intention? Recollect iron intention to make something the forces. This intention internal. And whether it was necessary to you so resolutely and irrevocably something to want, how in the same second the world has a little changed, and through any time of circumstance so have successfully developed, what you only needed to go and take already belonging to you? It has worked external intention, and has worked, as usually, with hundred-per-cent accuracy.
The person spontaneously can start the mechanism of external intention in action, transferring teaches us to do it is realized and at any time. Intention is possible to define as " desire plus determination to have and operate ". If you will master this simple spell safely can alter a reality who you want: in your hands the universal formula of success will appear.