Sunday, October 12, 2008

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The decision of monetary problems.
With the help of a pear it is possible to do magic operation and by that to adjust monetary problems.
On Saturday break the hands a ripe pear if you do not have such opportunity can buy on a market, having overpaid there are some money. On two monetary denominations write the name, turn in a tubule. Cut a pear on two half, take out sunflower seeds and put there denominations. Then connect two half, having pierced their perfected match. Put a pear in an oven that it has baked, then turn in laurel leaves and put for night within five days under a pillow.
This way effective, will see literally in day after performance of magic procedure to you money will arrive.

For increase of incomes.
For increase of incomes can take advantage in such a way.
the Thirteenth go in church and buy thirteen the most expensive candles. Delivery give a beggar. Having come home, with the back of the hand throw money to a floor and do not collect till morning. It is desirable to not receive visitors this day and in general to nobody to open a door.
in the Morning, not washing, not brushing the hair and not having breakfast, collect money in a handkerchief and strong fasten. Take with itself for work and put in a table.
A bit later you should notice, how your monetary incomes sharply will increase.
Money Magic
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Money magic spells.
Money magic spells candle burn.
Gold monetary spells.
The deep bowl, vase or pot and red candle will be necessary for you. Put a pot near to a door and each day at five put in it on a coin. Do it within six days. Put the first coin, tell:
Flow, money, sparkle to make rich me wish.
put the second coin, tell the same words. And put other coins, make:
money - money , you - force mine, do not leave, do not leave at difficult o'clock of me.
When all will be made, put a pot with money to a table in the evening, lay out from them a magic circle. Then to light candle also put it in the centre of a circle in small glass with salt. Look, not coming off, on a flame of a candle and represent, that from coins in a flame there is an alive energy. Reject all ideas. Do not think of duties, taxes and other financial troubles. Use all boundless imagination, present itself rich and happy.
Through 15 - 20 minutes can go to sleep, the candle should burn down without you. In the morning collect the rests of a candle and throw out, and coins combine back in a pot and some more days make this operation.
After that money should come to you, and you completely will get rid of financial problems. Only remember what to make it it is possible only once.