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Maryann Acker murder on her mind?
It is similar Ruskin within new century, Spalding excellent mixs her own life and her theme in this history of a sensational case of murder.
In 1982 as Linda Spalding was going to leave Hawaii and to undertake new life in Canada, she referred to the mode of operation of jury sitting for court above the young woman, accused in murder. Maryanna Acker is the Mormon, eighteen years, and married a fine hook and hustler, who towed her in life, which conducted finally Maryanna Acker, who still in prison, and begins trip to memory, to turbulences of destiny, which two lifes downwards such various trajectories to kill on a slope above one of the most beautiful coast of Hawaii.
Twenty years later, Spalding will come across across magazine which she kept through test, traces. A history Maryanna acker, but it also Spalding, as overlapping of the author and a theme. Similarly to John Ruskin's work, letter
Linda Spalding excellent combines the curriculum vitae with examination of an external theme and, thus, offers us deep understanding whims of human heart.
Words With Presents Linda Spalding

Linda Spalding was born 25 June 1943. She is a Canadian writer and editor. Born in Topeka, Kansas the daughter of Jacob Alan Dickinson and Edith Senner, she lived in Mexico and Hawaii before moving to Toronto, Ontario in 1982.
She has two daughters, Esta and Kristin Spalding, from her first marriage to photographer Philip Spalding. Linda Spalding is currently married to Canadian novelist Michael Ondaatje; Linda, Esta and Michael are also on the editorial board of the literary magazine Brick.
Spalding has also taught creative writing at Humber College's School for Writers.
Daughters of Captain Cook (1987)
The Paper Wife (1994)
Riska (1999)
A Dark Place in the Jungle: Following Leakey's Last Angel into Borneo (1999)
The Brick Reader - (1999) (edited with Michael Ondaatje)
Lost Classics - (2000, Knopf Canada; ISBN 0-676-97299-3) (edited with Michael Redhill, Esta Spalding and Michael Ondaatje)
Who Named The Knife (2005)
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