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Criss Angel Walks on Water
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Criss Angel Steamroller

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The American of the Greek origin was born on December, 19th 1967, a name at birth Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos the magician, the hypnotist, yogas, the musician in style Industrial fate. But basically it consider for the illusionist. It is considered one of the best shows-menov of the XXI-st century and the best illusionist since Gari Gudini who is its idol. In 7 years it has started to learn to conjure, after its aunt has shown it the first card trick. Criss had a desire to study in them, and already in 12 years it showed to the family and friends of a levitation, the most complicated card tricks and many other things. It has 2 brothers: senior JD and younger Kosta. Mother. The father has died in 2006 of a cancer of lungs on hands at Criss. It was to a certain extent reflected in its creativity, the father trusted in it and wanted, that Criss became the best that it does. The trick, a levitation over Luxor Hotel and Resorts, Las Vegas, NV have been devoted it. At height 30 floors of Criss has fallen asleep in air and under it one of the brightest sources on the Earth, a projector with energy in 3 000 000 000 candles burnt, it it is visible from space and there is it at top of the well-known pyramid Luxor. In 2006 there was a book devoted to disclosing of its focuses Mindfreak: Secret Revelations, also includes 40 favourite focuses of the illusionist, the truth on regiments of shops and furthermore libraries it is not accessible. it is possible to order on its site for 25 dollars. Private life. Criss Angel of 11 years has lived in marriage with Dzhoan Sarantakos, after divorce the Anderson, Lindsi Lohan twisted novels with Kameron Diaz, Paris Hilton, Pameloj, Veronica Grabovski Ms. Nevada 2008, a latest hobby became Holl Madison the first girl of the founder of Playboy of Hugh Hefnera. To become the conjurer to it his family which trusted in it, and also he as it was its dream since the childhood has helped. Criss Angel defines a success secret that it is necessary to have Dream, Desire and Aspiration, it has helped it to become those whom it is, it worked for 10-12 hours seven days in a week that will learn to own all technicians of the illusionist, persistence and undying aspiration, here that has made its best illusionist 2nd half XX, and the XXI-st centuries. He says that always wished to create art which would suit it, therefore it has improved focuses of Gudini, has added passion and adrenaline, its focuses are often similar to uneasy tricks which without ceremony can will end with a failure and simply destruction of the executor. Its focuses very impressing, it moved asphalt material a skating rink, it closed in a coffin and buried, it has got out on will in 1,5 hours, and the rain and the earth has gone became very heavy, air bags in soil have disappeared that has strongly complicated a problem, to Criss Angel of 6 illusionists did similar, and ALL were lost! levitated over Luxor, went on water blindly, has been sawn on a power-saw bench, it is immured at 24 o'clock in a concrete cube , when a cube have thrown on the earth from height 5-tietazhnogo houses, Criss Angel has appeared on a roof of the next house, it has passed through «Russian roulette», went on buildings. Has repeated Harry Gudini's advanced focus with liberation from a condemned cell and much-many other. It is recognised by the best conjurer 2001, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008, and also the conjurer of decade. In Las Vegas where he lives now, its show Believe one of the most profitable in all world capital of entertainments. And, of course, show Criss Angel: Mindfreak which premiere has taken place on July, 17th, 2005 on television channel A&E tv became one of the popular transmissions on the American TV. The quantity of fans of Chris all over the world reaches 3 million persons. Really talented, charismatic and enterprising Criss Ange has subdued the world!