Sunday, August 9, 2009

funny movie comedy my favorite wife 1940

How to help yourself when there was a grief in a family? Everyone someself chooses a way to formation of the own life. It is possible to steep in work, it is possible to be engaged in the creativity favourite by business. Well if you have such hobby which could to distract you from burdensome thoughts. Music helps to relax, listen to cheerful or quiet music, for an exit from stress music and a retro and films approaches a retro. Old movies black and white American comedies very positively operate.
The Great Comedy My Favorite Wife 1940 To watch online:

the 1940 comedy "My Favorite Wife" featuring Garson Kanin as DIRECTOR. Seven years after his wife's disappearance, Cary Grant gets re-married.
Comedy movie My Favorite Wife film star Cast :
Irene Dunne as Ellen Wagstaff Arden
Cary Grant as Nick Arden
Randolph Scott as Stephen Burkett
Gail Patrick as Bianca Bates
Ann Shoemaker as Ma
Scotty Beckett as Tim
Mary Lou Harrington as Chinch
Donald MacBride as Hotel clerk
Hugh O'Connell as Johnson
Granville Bates as Judge
Pedro de Cordoba as Dr. Kohlmar